Current Randomness

  1. The other day I saw a man walking his dog down the street and he had a large bird riding on his shoulder.
  2. Cable is ridiculously expensive and there is never anything on television.
  3. Speaking of TV are they kidding with some of these shows? “Naked and Afraid” “Married at First Sight”. I don’t even get the point of these shows. 
  4. Does anyone else feel like an asshole while standing at the grocery checkout waiting for them to bag your groceries?
  5. Fall is officially here in 20 days! Where did summer go?
  6. Lately I’ve been using lavender essential oil in a diffuser instead of candles and so far I’m loving the change. The scent is stronger than a candle and lavender is so relaxing.
  7. My planner and to do lists are slowly taking over my life. The to do list just never seems to end, but there is still something so gratifying about crossing an item off.
  8. Spending a long weekend with a five year old is exhausting. Especially since it’s difficult to tell them no and so you get stuck playing cards 5 thousand times.
  9. After spending so much time in the suburbs lately it made me realize how much I miss being able to see the stars. The city lights are too bright to see a majority of them.
  10. Why do people drink decafe coffee in the morning?

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