Wow, things have been super crazy lately. I have basically been working nonstop with some sleep in between (maybe some wine here and there, after all I have to have something to keep me sane). Needless to say the blog has been suffering in the mean time. I have lots to share, but tonight I am still up to my neck in articles to write so my life nonsense is going to have to wait a little while longer.

However, in keeping with the spirit of fall I am going to share an article I wrote for a newsletter about a corn maze I visited a few weekends ago:

“September 23rd officially marked the first day of fall and while this means that summer is now behind us, fall brings throws a whole different set of activities into the mix. Who doesn’t love fall? Red, yellow, and orange hues dot the trees as the leaves begin to change colors and even though you may have to put on an additional layer or two nothing beats the crisp, cool autumn air. One of my favorite things as a child was to jump in a freshly raked pile of leaves. These days I anxiously await the pumpkin spiced lattes that come out around this time each year.

This past weekend I decided to embrace the season and partake in some of the fall festivities and ventured out to Richardson Farm, which is located in Spring Grove, IL. While we initially went to walk through the world’s largest corn maze, which by the way has a new design each year, there were plenty of other fun activities to enjoy. Activities included things such as a zip line, petting zoo, jumping pillows, giant slides, pig races, a pumpkin patch, and campfires where you can roast delicious s’mores (don’t worry they sell s’more kits on site).

Feeding the Kangaroo

Feeding the Kangaroo

Let’s first talk about this giant, extremely detailed corn maze, which is spread out over 33 acres. This year’s theme was appropriately designed with battleships, soldiers, and an American Flag in order to mark the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner. As you make your way through paths carved out among live corn there are a number of different mazes games, suitable for all ages that you can choose to complete. Tending to be a little more on the over achiever side I opted to attempt to complete the entire maze, marking off 24 checkpoints as you go. While it took me about an hour and a half to complete, it was a lot of fun and they give you a maze completion certificate if you hit all the check-points.

Maze Map

Maze Map

I also have to mention the pig races because other than the maze this was my favorite part of the whole day. They race the pigs three at a time, three races at a time, multiple times each day. All of the pigs are introduced as they come to line up and are then fitted with different blankets so you can tell them apart. After a count day the gates are opened and off they go. These cute little guys race around a small track toward the finish line, where they are promptly rewarded with a tasty treat. Best of all when all the races are over they let you pet them!

One of the Piggys

One of the Piggys

Finally, for those that are also interested in the food, there is plenty to choose from. They have everything from hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ, roasted sweetcorn, and personal sized pizzas. Let’s not forget the funnel cake, caramel apples, home-made fudge, and the warm apple cider doughnuts. If you prefer, they have a picnic area set up for those that would rather bring in their own goodies to snack on.

If you are looking for fun fall activities I would highly recommend Richardson’s Farm. Lots to do and fun for the whole family. As for me I can’t wait for my next fall adventure!”


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