Becoming a Suburban

It’s official, as of this weekend I will be leaving the city and moving out to the suburbs. I’m becoming a suburban! Side note: I know that’s the proper term for a person living in the burbs, but when I say it I can’t help but feel like I am calling myself an SUV. 

Once again (for about the 100th time since starting college) I have packed up my entire life in cardboard boxes and loaded them into the back of my car. Thankfully, as I have gotten older, I have more money and have been able to pay professionals to move my furniture. In previous years I had to rely on, often hungover, guy friends to do all the heavy lifting. However, no matter how much help I have, I still hate moving. Especially when it comes to packing and then unpacking my clothes, it’s such a pain in the ass to re-hang everything.

This time however, I am moving in with my fiance, so I am very excited about that. I do have to say though, that I am having some anxiety about leaving the city because my job and all of my friends are here. (Plus living in the suburbs you can’t get pizza and wine delivered at 1 am). I guess part of me is not quite ready to grow up and give up my independent, busy lifestyle in the city. While I haven’t been doing much partying or going out I guess I would still like the option. In the city I can easily walk next door and have a glass of wine at night, be at the beach in about ten minutes, have pretty much anything delivered, and can see my friends within a matter if minutes. I am also less than thrilled that I have to find a new yoga studio.

Needless to say a lot in my life is about to change, but I can’t wait to see what this next chapter of my life holds!


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