Here I Go Once Again

Once again I have let my blog slip by the wayside and yes, once again I am going to blame it on being too busy with life. Honestly it was mostly just laziness. I mean there are so many good shows to binge watch on Netflix and after work who wants to think? I sure as hell don’t. I want to take my pants off, curl up on the couch in a warm blanket, and zone out until I have to drag myself to bed.

That being said I am going to try again to get my blog up and running again. There is a lot going on in my life and there have been many changes. I’m going to give you a quick run down on the most important events so we are all caught up:

  • If I didn’t say it before I got engage February 13th, 2015. Right now I am in super wedding planning mode. The Wedding is less than 4 months away now! eekkk
  • I changes jobs the end of May. My old job got pretty shitty toward the end; mostly because my boss was horrid and some of the other employees were down right bitches. However, I totally won in the end because my new job is amazing and I am making a lot more than I was at the old one. Who wants to not get paid much to get shit on every day? Am I right? 
  • New job means that I am on a slightly different career path. I still work on websites, but now I do mostly building, coding, and all the other fun stuff. I don’t just write content.
  • My Finace also got a new job, which he will be starting soon.
  • I got a new car (volvo S60) because my old car finally died. Poor old thing, I loved that car. I had it for a solid 8 years.
  • Lots of family birthdays, gatherings, and holidays. Pretty much the basic everyday family things.

In the 8 months that have gone by without me posting on this blog a lot more has happened, but this is all I have for you right now. I have my Netflix to get back to! 

Oh and Happy 2016 everyone!


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