Back to the Daily Grind

Reality is setting in, which means things are getting back to the regular day-to-day routine. Alas, I am no longer a bride, but someones wife (still can’t believe it). I am under the impression that I am suppose to feel different now and people keeping asking me how it feels to be married, but who knows. Now on to the next challenge of changing my name. I’ve heard it can be a real pain in the ass; guess I will find out soon enough.

Anyway, back to the old daily grind. This means back to the 5 day work week, regular workouts, and early bedtimes. (Is 32 to young to retire?) No more walking along the beach, no more sleeping in or taking daily naps, and no more dips in the ocean. Ending a vacation is seriously the worst.

Missing this view!

Missing this view!

Furthermore, after not really working out for almost two weeks, getting back into the habit was probably one of the hardest things to do. For awhile there I was seriously trying to decide if I could live with carrying around a few extra pounds. I mean think about it about, trying to stay in shape over the age of, oh I don’t know, 25 is a real struggle. Basically I can eat like a rabbit and work out like a crazy person or I give in eat that cheeseburger and doughnut and accept the extra “cushion” around my midsection. Plus you know pizza, pasta, and most importantly wine!

Don’t get me wrong I like working out. Actually, I should probably say I like the way I feel AFTER I have worked out. However, the whole process of getting ready to work out and then actually getting off my ass and doing it is a totally different story. After working all day the last thing I want to do is come home and sweat my ass off. I would much rather take my pants off, grab a glass of wine, and relax in front of the T.V. Unfortunately, if I did this every night I would probably end up looking like a rather round Umpa Lumpa, especially since I so short.

Enough bitching for now I actually do have to get a workout in tonight. Next time I will share my favorite workouts that help me stay motivated. Hey the more I work out, the more wine I can have!!



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