And Then There Were 3

Come December 2018 life as I know it is going to change in a big way. Yep, that’s right, my husband and I are expecting our first little bundle of joy. (Holy s*@t)!

Currently I am 24 weeks pregnant and things seem to be going pretty well. You know expect for the weight gain, back pain, muscle aches, and the never ending urge to pee. So when I’m not crying over something completely ridiculous or in a coma from being completely exhausted, I guess its not so bad.

While it isn’t horrible I have yet to understand those women who just love being pregnant. I mean seriously?!?!

You can’t have more than 200mg of caffeine a day, no undercooked meat (so basically no meat because anything cooked past medium rare is just sick), no sushi, no alcohol, and no brie cheese. Not to mention all the physical change. Many people talk about this glow that pregnant women get. I am going to tell you that isn’t a glow. It’s sweat because you are so freaking hot all the time and it’s probably all the extra makeup you need to hid the new adult acne all over your face.

During the first trimester I really enjoyed my bonding time with the toilet and I was so tired all the time I couldn’t get enough naps. And I am talking a ridiculous amount of naps; I didn’t know it was possible for someone to be that tired.

Thankfully when I got to the second trimester I got some of my energy back and I am now able to eat more than saltines and Gatorade. In fact the one thing I like about being pregnant is I don’t have to feel so guilty about all the carbs I am eating or the extra treats. (My Keto diet has been on hold for awhile). It was also pretty amazing to hear the baby’s heart beat for the first time and to see the images from the 20 weeks ultrasound. It’s so crazy to think in about 15 weeks that will be our little boy or girl.

The reality of all this is still sinking in. Good luck little one because I have no idea what I am doing!

To all those women out there who love being pregnant more power to you! To all those pregnant ladies who aren’t having the best time, I hear you. Go grab yourself a sweet treat and take a nice bath. Personally I have a doughnut in the kitchen calling my name!



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