Becoming a Suburban

It’s official, as of this weekend I will be leaving the city and moving out to the suburbs. I’m becoming a suburban! Side note: I know that’s the proper term for a person living in the burbs, but when I say it I can’t help but feel like I am calling myself an SUV. 

Once again (for about the 100th time since starting college) I have packed up my entire life in cardboard boxes and loaded them into the back of my car. Thankfully, as I have gotten older, I have more money and have been able to pay professionals to move my furniture. In previous years I had to rely on, often hungover, guy friends to do all the heavy lifting. However, no matter how much help I have, I still hate moving. Especially when it comes to packing and then unpacking my clothes, it’s such a pain in the ass to re-hang everything.

This time however, I am moving in with my fiance, so I am very excited about that. I do have to say though, that I am having some anxiety about leaving the city because my job and all of my friends are here. (Plus living in the suburbs you can’t get pizza and wine delivered at 1 am). I guess part of me is not quite ready to grow up and give up my independent, busy lifestyle in the city. While I haven’t been doing much partying or going out I guess I would still like the option. In the city I can easily walk next door and have a glass of wine at night, be at the beach in about ten minutes, have pretty much anything delivered, and can see my friends within a matter if minutes. I am also less than thrilled that I have to find a new yoga studio.

Needless to say a lot in my life is about to change, but I can’t wait to see what this next chapter of my life holds!

Ringing in the New Year

Happy 7th day of 2015! I hope that everyone had a great time ringing in the new year. I had a great date night out with the bf at RPM Italian and then spent the rest of the evening on the couch with some bubbly. I have to say I enjoyed that much more than New Years past, most of which were spent at a crowded bar where you paid over 100 dollars to basically get one drink, a piece of food (if you were lucky), and a half glass of champagne at midnight. No thank you!

After writing my last post I  spent quite a bit of time trying to come up with the perfect New Years resolutions. Then the more I thought about it I decided that I didn’t want to pick one specific thing such as: get in better shape or don’t eat as much junk food. While those are good goals to have I decided to look at the bigger picture and make 2015 all about being happy.

What do I mean by this you may ask? 

For 2015 I have decide that my overall goal is to just be happy. I am going to let what happened in 2014 stay in 2014 and start over fresh.

  • I am going to try to be more mindful, thinking about the here and now instead of worrying about something that has already happened that I have no control over.
  • I am also going to get rid of all the negativity in my life, which also includes leaving behind those individuals who only bring me down.
  • I want to take more time for myself, ensuring that I get some more me time. Whether this is a nice bubble bath or a whole day spent lounging around reading or watching TV I am going to allow myself the time to relax and recharge my body.
  • Have a more positive attitude throughout the day instead of focusing on the negative.

Those are just a few of the things that came to mind, but you get the idea. I hope everyone else is well on their way to a great 2015!


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I can’t believe that it is already halfway through December!! Where did 2014 go? It seems like it was only yesterday when the boyfriend and I were on our week long vacay at Disney World in Florida. Now, I am back at work, watching the snow flurries outside the window and finalizing plans for Christmas. (Great trip btw, it was our fist vacation together and it was so much fun!) 

Anyway, with Christmas just around the corner I’ve been slowly getting into the holiday spirit. This time of year there is always so much to do: send out Christmas cards, buy presents for your loved ones, attend multiple holiday parties, and decorate the house; Christmas tree included.

As I begin to slowly check things off my holiday to-do list (I have a list for everything) I found myself thinking about all of the Christmas traditions that my family has held throughout the years.

Growing up my family and I acquired some traditions that continue to exist to this day. Some of them are quite funny or ridiculous, but hey that’s what makes them special, right?  Every year after cramming our faces with copious amount of turkey, stuffing, and derby pie (washing it down with plenty of wine) my parents, sister, and I make our way down to the Country Club Plaza to watch the Christmas lights turn on. The night usually ends with my sister and mom heading to bed while my dad and I drink a night time bourbon, while sitting in front of the fireplace.

After a few days the Christmas tree would go up and as usual we would fight about the theme of the tree and which decorations were going to be used that year. You see I like white lights and simple, color coordinated ornaments while other members of my family just like to throw a bunch of random ornaments on the tree and call it done. It’s a panic attack waiting to happen for those of us with anxiety. To make matters worse, one year my parents decided that a fake tree was better, which obviously prompted a whole new argument because personally I like real trees much better. (They just smell so nice! Who cares that they leave behind a little trail of pine needles).

Every Christmas eve our family would gather around the dinning room table for a big dinner of prime rib. (One year my mom tried to switch it up and made some pork tenderloin shit, NOT OK!) Grandma always brought along the figgy pudding, even though we never ate it and since we never opened the box containing this mystery pudding, she continued to bring the same one each year. This went on as far back as I can remember. (Grandma passed away last Christmas, but we made sure to still bring the pudding and I know it will be here this year as well).

On Christmas morning we would wake up anxious to open presents and as usual our parents would make us stay in our room while they placed last minute gifts under the tree they forgot to wrap. At this point I should probably also mention that another my tradition my father and I have is that one of us always gives the other a set of shower curtain rings as a present. This goes back a few years when I lived in Nashville and is the result of him staying with me for a period of time and constantly moving my stuff around, which included an unopened box of shower curtains. (We like to annoy each other, what can I say). After presents we would enjoy a brunch of eggs Benedict and usually pass out on the couch watching a movie. Pretty much the best way to end a perfect holiday if you ask me.

While I now live in Chicago, I still make the trek back to Kansas City for Christmas each year and I am already anxiously awaiting this trip. Although my mom better not try to change up the prime rib again!


Current Randomness (I’m Back From the Dead)

Hello out there, I promise I am still alive and kicking. With everything that has been going on the blog kinda fell to the wayside. I’ve been working like a crazy person and sleeping any chance I could get. Pretty sure when I was working on my latest website project that I looked like a homeless person; my hair was matted and in knots, I wore the same pair of sweats, and I ordered so much jimmy johns that the delivery guy recognized my order. Sexy I know…. 

Until I can organize my thoughts into some sort of coherent post I will leave you with some current randomness that has been going on in my life.

  1. My dog decided to eat cat litter tootsie rolls the other week. This made his already bad breath significantly worse, which I didn’t think was possible
  2. I just recently realized that I have inadvertently been using body wash as shampoo for awhile now
  3. Apparently there are “fake” ladybugs, aka Asian beetles. I just always thought they were orange tinted ladybugs, but it turns out they aren’t ladybugs at all and these beetles bite
  4. I don’t know how I lived before without dry shampoo. Seriously this stuff is amazing
  5. I have recently gotten hooked on the TV show Monsters Inside Me and it is amazing. However, I am now scared to eat sushi, pork, crab, and a variety of other things (I should prob stop watching before I can no longer eat anything)
  6. The house buying process is a pain in the ass
  7. How does an apartment get so dirty so fast?
  8. When you go on a week long vacation, upon returning you are going to be cranky especially when met with 30 degree weather

And it Ended With Chicken Parm

When I started writing this post I was sitting in a hotel room in nowhere Wisconsin, while it  was not only raining, but freezing outside.  It is only September and already 50 degrees out. Isn’t September suppose to be warm? 

Anyway, back to the being in Wisconsin part. My boyfriend is an audiologist and on some weekends he spends his time working a booth at Road America car races providing hearing protection for fans as well as drivers. Last time we came was warm, dry,  and a rather fun time. Did I mention already that it was warm?

photo 1 (3)

My “It’s too cold and early to be out of my warm bed” face

This time as we made the 2 hour drive it started to rain and I knew that it was going to make for a less than enjoyable day. We arrived in nowhere Wisconsin early Friday morning and thankfully our room was ready so we were able to check in early. I had barely enough time to get all cozy in the amazing king size bed before we had to leave to set up the tent for the next days races. (I tried to convince him to let me stay in the warm, dry room and watch TV, but that didn’t really work out). So there we were, all 5 of us, stumbling around in the rain trying our best to get this 20 foot tent set up and not fall in the growing mud puddles. I am very happy that I decided to pack that extra sweatshirt and my hunter rain boots last minute. After getting all set up I made a beeline back to the resort where I resumed my place under the covers until it was time for dinner.

While it wasn’t raining the next day it was still incredibly cold and Sunday wasn’t much better. By the third day I had stolen the bf’s under-armor shit, his extra sweatshirt, and his windbreaker. He actually thought that it felt nice out! I had so many cups of coffee and glasses of hot tea,as an extra attempt to stay warm, that I spent half the time running back and forth to the bathroom. When we finally packed up at the end of the third day I we were both exhausted and not looking forward to the 2 hour drive home. I was however, looking forward to the seat warmers and the nice pair sweatpants I had waiting for me in the car.

photo 2 (4)

Race day gear

While it may not sound like it, I actually had a great weekend. At the end of each day, before dinner, we got comfortable in front of the fireplace drinking wine. The first night we had a delicious dinner at the main restaurant and ending the evening with a nice relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi. For dinner the second night we decided to try out a local diner and then came back to resort to have desert in the bar by the warm fire.

I’ve never been that in to cars, but it was fun to see all of the different vintage cars and watch some of the races. Mostly it was just nice to spend the weekend watching the bf work and being a part of what he does. As we got back home Sunday we ended the weekend with dinner at one of our favorite places and a nice big serving of chicken parm.

Suburban Get Away

I know it’s already the next weekend, but I still wanted share my labor day weekend. Instead of going the usual party route and end up dead on Tuesday morning Winston and I decided to escape to the suburbs, to my bfs parent’s house, for a long relaxing weekend.

I love to get away from the city from time to time and Winston loves going because it means he gets to spend time running around the large yard with 6 other dogs. Yes, there are 6 dogs there. Being a city dog he doesn’t get much time to just run around and be wild. 

Anyway, we went up later Friday evening and kicked off our weekend with a little Breaking Bad marathon (I am really behind on this one, but so far I’m addicted) and then heading to bed early. This is something so great about waking up refreshed on a Saturday morning and not hungover. The rest of the weekend went pretty much the same way. We had a BBQ on Saturday and then went to a classic scary movie marathon at the drive-in that night. Sunday included spending the day at the beach followed by a family dinner out and an early Monday morning brunch before we had to head back home.

photo 2 (3)


photo 4 (1)

Throughout the weekend we spent a lot of the time hanging out with the bf’s niece and nephew, both of whom are adorable. Seeing as how I don’t have children of my own I am not used to spending so much time around them. It was fun, but exhausting. I quickly learned that no matter how cute they are you have to be able to tell them no or you get stuck playing Go Fish about 5 thousand times. I also learned that I need to remember to lock all doors because they will come barging in any room, it doesn’t matter if you are on the toilet. We looked for frogs, played basketball, watched football and baseball (try explaining football to a 5 year old it’s hilarious), and caught a snake (my bf and his dad caught the snake I want nothing to do with that). 

All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing weekend and I have to say I sure learned a lot about spending time with a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Mainly hide your pizza because anything you have they want.

photo 1 (2)

SUPYO: Paddle Board Yoga

I am an avid yoga fan and so when my regular yoga studio offered a sunset yoga class on Lake Michigan I jumped at the chance. Despite its popularity lately I had yet to do a paddle board yoga session, in fact I had never been on a paddle board before.

A few days ago I made my way down to one of the city beaches in Chicago so I could attempt to practice yoga while floating on the water. I was pretty nervous that I would:

  1. Not be able to do anything
  2. Fall off my board, causing a huge scene
  3. Have a panic attack and have to return to shore mid class

Basically, I was terrified of making a complete fool of myself….

Things started off well; the usual introduction for newbies, followed by getting all set up with all the proper gear we would need while out on the water. Once on the board I realized that it was going to take a lot of core strength to keep me from returning soaking wet. Working through some initial wobbling I was able to stand up and paddle successfully. The yoga part of the class was a little frustrating because I wasn’t able to do the poses as well as I can in regular class, but I suppose there in lies the challenge. After running through a variety of poses we got to my favorite part of the class, stretching.

I have to say despite the life-jacket being out on the water while practicing yoga, especially savasana is a truly great experience. Floating on the peaceful water, staring up at the blue sky, and temporarily forgetting the world.

Our teacher said something to our class that has stuck with me because it is such a great outlook on life.

“Just like floating on the water, in life there are going to be things that we have no control over and so we have to just relax and go with the flow. If you tense up and try to fight the flow of the water you will fall off your board and in life if you continue to fights the things you can’t control it will beat you down.”

I will for sure be trying SUPYO again.