The Sky is Falling

A week or so ago I started noticing a somewhat large amount of bird poo on my deck (I think I sense a theme in my life), which is odd because the back part of my whole apartment deck is covered. This basically means that in order to get droppings on this area of my deck birds would have to practically dive bomb under the cover and unload before quickly flying out the other side…. (I picture a line of small birds with helmets on flying under the roof air bomb style)

Or, what I soon discovered, the more logical explanation be sitting up under the support beams above my head. The later turned out to be true as I glanced up to find a momma bird sitting on her nest. Since it’s summer I’ve been using my deck quite a bit lately and so begin the daily routine:

photo 4

The bird doo

Step outside see bird shit. Walk back inside, get items to clean bird shit. Clean bird shit…. Step outside see bird shit. Walk back inside, get items to clean bird shit. Clean bird shit. And so on..

This went on for a while until the other day I came out and found something much more disturbing than bird shit. I found a baby bird laying on the deck and I’m say to say that he did not make it. Sadly I cleaned up the little body and went on with my day.

Yesterday, I came out on my deck after work and was horrified at what a saw, another baby bird laying on my deck!! Once again I sadly went inside to get things to clean it up with, but this time when I came back to pick it up I saw that he was alive! Excited I ran to get a pair of gloves scooped up the young bird and looked him over. He was completely unharmed from what I could tell. The next task was find out what to do with him. I knew I needed to get him back in his nest, but the problem is that this beam is about 12 feet in the air an their was no way I was reaching that.

After some distress that I wasn’t going to be able to help this little guy I found a ladder in the maintenance guys closet in my building and drug it up three flights of stairs. Thankfully, when I stood on the top step, I could reach the nest. I gentle shooed the mom away (I picture her attacking my face and that did not seem fun) and placed him gentle in his nest with his siblings. Finally after a small amount of time momma returned and all were happy.

Every morning and evening I go out to make sure that another little birdie hasn’t fallen out of the nest. Today when I looked from the stairs I could see the three of them all snuggled up with their eyes now open. I’m just pleased that I didn’t have to have another birdie funeral.

photo 1 (1)

The Nest