Thoughts of a Sick Person

I don’t do sick well. I don’t particularly like going to the doctor and even when it is clear that I need to go to the emergency room I still always try to convince people that a trip to the ER is completely unnecessary. ¬†That being said I have had some sort of cold, sinus., cough type thing going on for a little while now, but I just took over the counter meds and didn’t think much about it. It seemed to come and go, but other than a runny nose and occasional cough it didn’t really warrant much need for concern. That was until Saturday night…

This past week I went to the boyfriend’s house for the weekend and I always have allergy issues when I go there because there are two cats at his house and I am really allergic to cats. So a stuffy nose and itchy eyes were not uncommon. However, after being unable to breath and having to use an inhaler on Saturday I accepted that it was probably time I should go to the doctor.

Unfortunately I was unable to get into my regular doctor until next week so I had to go to one of those minute clinics at Walgreen’s. While I am normally skeptical of anyone that isn’t my doctor I have to say this lady wasn’t messing around. She was all about the full on attack mode approach; busting out all the heavy artillery to get this shit dealt with. Clearly this lady new how to take care of business, which is exactly my style. Within 30 minutes I walked out with 5 different medications, soup, a vaporizer, sparkling water, and a basket full or organic burritos. Because obviously when you’re sick and in need of soup and plenty of rest it’s the perfect time to sock up on organic veggie burritos....

I spent the rest of the evening laying on my couch in a medication induced haze wondering if it was possible to overdose on cough drops. (Can you?) Around 8 pm I feel asleep and I believe lapsed into a slight coma only waking briefly to blow my nose. It is amazing how many tissues can accumulate in one’s bed during the night when you are sick. I was still digging them out of my covers early this morning.¬†

Thankfully I felt much better today and should be back to 100 % soon. I’m just going to keep eating my soup, taking my medicine, and getting plenty of sleep. Hope everyone’s week is going well. Side note: Why do antibiotics have to be so big, I mean we should have the ability to make smaller pills by now.