Where Did Relaxation Time Go?

I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I feel like I need a weekend from my weekend. Lately my weekends have been packed with numerous social engagements and errands that I haven’t had time to get to during the week. I shove a ton into two work free days (unless I’m lucky enough to have a lazy Sunday). Then without fail every Monday I wake up exhausted and spend the rest of the day running on empty. Sometimes I feel like the weekends wear me out more than a whole week a work..

You would think that spending time away from the office with friends, sleeping in, and not having to actually do any work would let my mind relax and allow me to wake up refreshed on Monday ready to take on a new week.


Just like every other Monday I woke up late and completely unmotivated. I love my job, but I was just not ready to get out of bed. I could have used another day or two to recuperate. Sunday is simply not enough of a buffer. (Thankfully I have a vacation coming up next week!)

I hope that everyone had a good fourth of July! I know it’s only Monday, but I know exactly what I am doing next weekend: