Random Thoughts and General Wonderings

Today marked the beginning of another week and what a Monday it was. It was a long day packed to the max with work to do and errands to run, to say the least. However, it was still a great day and I feel like I got so much accomplished. While I am practically brain dead at this point, as I collapsed on to my couch this evening a number of random thoughts and questions were bouncing around in my head.

  • Does anyone else feel like a complete asshole standing at the checkout counter watching as the cashier bags your groceries? I always feel so awkward, like uhhh should I be doing something..
  • How do I go to bed with two socks on and wake up only wearing one?
  • Television today sucks! I pay over 100 dollars for cable and out of about 700 channels there is never anything on. I mean what are we thinking with shows like “Naked and Afraid”, “Dating Naked”, and “Honey Boo Boo”? I think that the human population is already stupid enough they don’t need anymore help getting there. (In this instance I may be the stupid one because I continue to pay for cable)
  • Speaking of, how do people not realize how stupid they are at times?
  • Is this winter going to be as bad as the last one?

This just goes to prove that no matter how tired I am, it’s still pretty much impossible to turn my brain off, even if it is filled with complete nonsense….