Current Randomness (I’m Back From the Dead)

Hello out there, I promise I am still alive and kicking. With everything that has been going on the blog kinda fell to the wayside. I’ve been working like a crazy person and sleeping any chance I could get. Pretty sure when I was working on my latest website project that I looked like a homeless person; my hair was matted and in knots, I wore the same pair of sweats, and I ordered so much jimmy johns that the delivery guy recognized my order. Sexy I know…. 

Until I can organize my thoughts into some sort of coherent post I will leave you with some current randomness that has been going on in my life.

  1. My dog decided to eat cat litter tootsie rolls the other week. This made his already bad breath significantly worse, which I didn’t think was possible
  2. I just recently realized that I have inadvertently been using body wash as shampoo for awhile now
  3. Apparently there are “fake” ladybugs, aka Asian beetles. I just always thought they were orange tinted ladybugs, but it turns out they aren’t ladybugs at all and these beetles bite
  4. I don’t know how I lived before without dry shampoo. Seriously this stuff is amazing
  5. I have recently gotten hooked on the TV show Monsters Inside Me and it is amazing. However, I am now scared to eat sushi, pork, crab, and a variety of other things (I should prob stop watching before I can no longer eat anything)
  6. The house buying process is a pain in the ass
  7. How does an apartment get so dirty so fast?
  8. When you go on a week long vacation, upon returning you are going to be cranky especially when met with 30 degree weather