Christmas Past

Christmas is over once again, which means that many of us begrudgingly made our way back to work this morning; peeling ourselves out of our nice warm beds still reeling from all the holiday merriment. Myself I was completely exhausted, having spent a week with my family and getting back to Chicago late on Sunday night. In retrospect I should have cut all that family bonding time a day short and come back on Saturday so I could have at least one day to recover. (Next year I think I’m just going to head some place tropical…)

But in all seriousness I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and is ready to welcome a new year! (I still can’t believe that it is going to be 2015). And the good news is that in another couple of days we get another day off from work to nurse that New Year’s Eve hangover that always so pleasant. I fully intend to spend the day holed up in my apartment, binge watching bad television, and eating super unhealthy food. (What else is New Years day for?) This is of course right before my New Years resolutions to eat healthier and get in better shape set in.

Speaking of what are everyone else’s New Years resolutions? I haven’t really sat down to think of mine yet, but I know I won’t be the usual “lose weight and get in shape” that most people choose.

Side note: This time of year is hell at the gym because everyone tries to start of the year sticking to their resolutions, taking over everything for a few weeks before they finally give up. So frustrating! I am all for people wanting to be healthier, but learn some gym etiquette or just work out at home. I don’t want to go into a yoga class and deal with rudeness. 

I’m going to take a little time to think about what my resolutions will be and then I will be back to share!


SUPYO: Paddle Board Yoga

I am an avid yoga fan and so when my regular yoga studio offered a sunset yoga class on Lake Michigan I jumped at the chance. Despite its popularity lately I had yet to do a paddle board yoga session, in fact I had never been on a paddle board before.

A few days ago I made my way down to one of the city beaches in Chicago so I could attempt to practice yoga while floating on the water. I was pretty nervous that I would:

  1. Not be able to do anything
  2. Fall off my board, causing a huge scene
  3. Have a panic attack and have to return to shore mid class

Basically, I was terrified of making a complete fool of myself….

Things started off well; the usual introduction for newbies, followed by getting all set up with all the proper gear we would need while out on the water. Once on the board I realized that it was going to take a lot of core strength to keep me from returning soaking wet. Working through some initial wobbling I was able to stand up and paddle successfully. The yoga part of the class was a little frustrating because I wasn’t able to do the poses as well as I can in regular class, but I suppose there in lies the challenge. After running through a variety of poses we got to my favorite part of the class, stretching.

I have to say despite the life-jacket being out on the water while practicing yoga, especially savasana is a truly great experience. Floating on the peaceful water, staring up at the blue sky, and temporarily forgetting the world.

Our teacher said something to our class that has stuck with me because it is such a great outlook on life.

“Just like floating on the water, in life there are going to be things that we have no control over and so we have to just relax and go with the flow. If you tense up and try to fight the flow of the water you will fall off your board and in life if you continue to fights the things you can’t control it will beat you down.”

I will for sure be trying SUPYO again.