They’re Alive!!

A few weeks ago I posted about a small potted “garden” that I had started on my back deck. This is the first time that I actually attempted to grow multiple herds, fruit, and veggies for myself so I was pretty excited. However, since my track record with house plants is not one to brag about I wasn’t expecting much (except dead plants).

I am happy to report that as of today all plants are still alive and well. It was a little touch and go with the tomato plant for awhile, but I was able to nurse it back to health. Currently there are about 4 tomatoes growing, the peppers are starting to bloom, and the strawberry plant I bought for fun has strawberries. In fact I picked my first harvest tonight and it was delicious!

photo (10)

Ok, soooo it’s not a big harvest. Just one little strawberry, but I am excited none the less. Next year I am thinking that I will have to get more of these plants so maybe I can get two strawberries!



3 thoughts on “They’re Alive!!

  1. I think I will probably only get two more strawberries this season, but it is better than none! Can’t wait to keep expanding my garden. Thanks for the comment!

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