Random Thoughts and General Wonderings

Today marked the beginning of another week and what a Monday it was. It was a long day packed to the max with work to do and errands to run, to say the least. However, it was still a great day and I feel like I got so much accomplished. While I am practically brain dead at this point, as I collapsed on to my couch this evening a number of random thoughts and questions were bouncing around in my head.

  • Does anyone else feel like a complete asshole standing at the checkout counter watching as the cashier bags your groceries? I always feel so awkward, like uhhh should I be doing something..
  • How do I go to bed with two socks on and wake up only wearing one?
  • Television today sucks! I pay over 100 dollars for cable and out of about 700 channels there is never anything on. I mean what are we thinking with shows like “Naked and Afraid”, “Dating Naked”, and “Honey Boo Boo”? I think that the human population is already stupid enough they don’t need anymore help getting there. (In this instance I may be the stupid one because I continue to pay for cable)
  • Speaking of, how do people not realize how stupid they are at times?
  • Is this winter going to be as bad as the last one?

This just goes to prove that no matter how tired I am, it’s still pretty much impossible to turn my brain off, even if it is filled with complete nonsense….


Daily Annoyances….

Not sure why, but lately it seems like my bullshit allotment is a little lower these days. Normally I think I am pretty easy to get along with, am laid back, and tend to just go with the flow. I definitely have my OCD and anxiety moments, but in general I would classify myself as pretty low maintenance.That being said a few of my neighbors recently are about to drive me bat shit crazy. Are people seriously that oblivious to others around them? It amazing me how inconsiderate people can be at times.

Case and point:

Annoying neighbor number one. Let’s just call him stoned because I am pretty sure that he always is. Personally weed isn’t for me, I have enough freak outs from my anxiety that I don’t need to go make myself all paranoid. However, if you want to smoke go right ahead, but please don’t hot box my apartment. It’s not particularly fun waking up and heading off to work with a contact high. This guy smokes so much that I can smell it all the way in my place on the third floor (he’s on the first). If i can smell it that well he must be freaking wasted.

Annoying neighbor number two. These are the ones that I refer to as the noisy neighbors. The live in the building directly next to mine and they have two small dogs that love to bark. Normally I would ignore this yelping, except for the fact that said neighbors tend to think its perfectly acceptable to leave the dogs outside for long periods of time waking me up throughout the night. I’m talking 1 am, 3 am, 4 am, all ungodly hours. It’s infuriating and completely ridiculous.

I suppose things could be worse, but I don’t understand why it is so hard for people to use their brains. Especially when I am trying to get some much needed sleep!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a good week.

Card Dilemma

Am I the only one who has an extremely difficult time picking out a card for someone? It doesn’t matter who it is or what the occasion is, but I can never quite find the one I want. So I just in up standing in the card aisle staring.


Ah which one?

Yesterday, I went to the drug store and had to make the ever so joyful trip to the card aisle in order to find one for my dad’s birthday. As predicted I roamed up and down the aisle pulling out a card here and there and promptly placing them back in their holders. Part of the problem may be that I am not one of those mushy, sentimental, I would be lost without you, card people. I don’t like sending them and I don’t really like reading the long gooey ones that I sometimes get in the mail. (Not sure why, maybe they just seem a little too fake for me or something.) 

I’m more of a “Happy Birthday! I farted in this card just for you” type person. (This is part of the reason that my mom tends to think I’m dead inside, but that is a different story.)

Anyway, after about 20 minutes and reading through way to many cards I finally found the perfect one to send my dad. “Happy Birthday, cake killer!”

So, does anyone else have difficulties picking out cards or is this my own weird problem?

A Generation of Wussies

It is a cold hard fact: Not everyone is equal.

When I say that I don’t mean that everyone shouldn’t have the same opportunities or same rights. What I mean is that not everyone can be the fastest, strongest, prettiest, or smartest. Everyone can’t be the best at everything. There is always going to be someone better than you. There are going to be things that you are not able to do and the sooner that we accept this the better.

Yes, a child should feel good about themselves and they should be confident in who they are. However, they should also know their limitations so as to prevent heartbreak further down the road when they realize that they are in fact not superman.

Today everyone is so concerned about building up a child’s self-esteem, afraid to tell them that they have done something wrong because it may hurt their feelings. Why is it wrong to tell a child that they are not good at something and that they should move on to try and find something they are better at? Why shouldn’t a child be aware of their weaknesses so that they can build up their strengths? 

When I grew up you didn’t get trophies for being in last place. Or a ribbon simply for participating. Today it seems like you get a prize for everything. What happened to healthy competition and acknowledging the accomplishment of a job well done? You have to push children so they excel, not reward them when they have completely failed at something. How is that going to make them try harder? What do they have to work toward if they are already getting such praise for basically standing on the field breathing? 

Your child’s precious self-esteem isn’t going to be ruined if they don’t get a blue ribbon or a “you’re awesome” sticker. It will actually help to prepare them for the real world, which sucks….

Let’s face it sometimes the world is a down right shitty place and this is something that children should be aware of. If you shelter and baby your child when they are hit with a large dose of reality they aren’t going to know what to do. (Cue emotional break down.) Their rose colored view of the world is going to shatter and then they are going to have to run back to mommy and daddy to fix everything.


On Passive Aggressive Notes

Sometimes in life you come across things that you simply cannot ignore. These precious moments are like little presents that have been specifically designed to bring an extra dose of joy to your day. In this particular instance, I am referring to the ever-so-hilarious passive-aggressive note.

Let us take a brief moment out of our busy day to discuss the passive-aggressive note.

Today I came home from work took my dog out and as I grabbed my mail on the way to yoga, I came across this lovely note recently posted in our hallway.

passive aggressive notes

First off, let me just say I am almost 100% confident I know who the mysterious note writer is. When I walked through the courtyard with Winston, the woman in the back apartment was standing outside smoking a cigarette. Within a matter of minutes – just long enough for me to change and head back out – this new work of skilled craftsmanship had been proudly displayed in the entryway.

Second, I am pretty sure that this note was directed at me. Not because I let my dog take a dump just any old place without cleaning it up, but because she saw my dog and I guessed assumed that he was the elusive courtyard pooper.

While Winston has made his way to the courtyard to go the bathroom a number of times this winter, mostly because it was too damn cold to go outside for a long period of time or there was so much snow it was too difficult to go any further, I assure you he did not defecate all willy-nilly about the entire courtyard. He always went in the dirt, not in the areas that anyone walks on.

I did pick up what I could before losing it in a pile of snow, since we all know how much I hate when people don’t pick up after their dogs. (The dog poop incident of 2014. I still have some flashbacks). However, sometimes is was a lost cause and I just planned to pick it up once the snow melted and it reappeared. I am sorry, but there is no way I am going turd mining in -40 degree windchill weather. That is absurd, especially since it was buried under a foot of snow and ice. I can see the headline now:

“Girl loses fingers and toes to frostbite while trying to uncover frozen dog-doo.”

Now all that being said, I understand that no one wants a courtyard full of poop. (How many times have I said poop, turd, or doo already? haha) I myself have seen a few lingering piles this afternoon, but the snow has literally just melted so I haven’t even had a chance to go retrieve the snow fallen casualties. But no way around it, the NOTE has spoken!

Here is what I find most humorous about this particular note. The girl who posted it stands outside everyday smoking and then throws her cig butts on the ground. I’m sorry, but if you’re so concerned about keeping the courtyard clean, why in the hell are you throwing shit out there? Yes, dog turd are gross, especially if you step in them, but at least they will disintegrate unlike those cancer sticks you so freely throw around.

The other thing that got to me about this particular note is how cutesy or funny or whatever the hell you want to call it, she was trying to be. She was probably in there at her computer laughing at what she thought was the most cleverly crafted note ever. Everyone knows that snow melts and that dog poo doesn’t, causing it to appear on the ground once the snow is gone. Wow! Your observation skills are truly astonishing. Maybe you should look into a job as a scientist? 

Finally, I wonder how often leaving these little shit bombs actually accomplishes what it was meant to do. Personally one of two things comes to mind when I see a note like this:

1. I must respond in a rather smart-ass passive aggressive manner
2. The note is stupid therefore must be ripped down and destroyed

Neither of which is probably the correct response and would most likely fuel the fire, starting an all out passive-aggressive note war.

So herein lies the big questions:

Why can’t we say exactly what we mean?
Why do we tend to leave anonymous posted notes, that are posted in secrecy in hope that someone will alter their behavior in some way?

I think a note with “Can you please pick up after your dog?” would have worked just fine. Instead I get some cutesy, bullshit note that I have to stare at every time I come and go from my apartment building. I will tell you one thing for sure, it doesn’t make me want to get out there and pick up newly thawed piles of shit. In fact it almost makes me want to send Winston out to take a big dump on her doormat. I’m not sure why other than the idiocy of these type of notes just make me want to rebel in some way.

If something is bothering you, at least have the courage to directly address it instead of tiptoeing around the situation with notes.