Random Facts- The Girl Behind the Ugly

  1. My favorite color is pink.
  2. Monkeys, gorillas, baboons, all of them terrify me. I steer clear of the ape section of any zoo because on more than one occasion a gorilla or monkey has thrown themselves at the glass right in front of me, no joke. I think they can smell fear.
  3. I have a dog named Winston, who is a shi-poo and the love of my life. If he doesn’t like you, I don’t either.
  4. In no way am I a morning person, I would even go so far as to say I hate mornings or may even be allergic. If you are all chipper and talkative in the morning stay away from me until I have had at least two cups of coffee. Even then I may still stare at you blankly.
  5. I could eat pizza probably every day.
  6. I’m fluent in sarcasm, sometimes smart ass.
  7. Blue cheese is so gross that it actually makes gag. I am pretty sure it should be illegal.
  8. I love cartoons! Scooby Doo is my favorite.
  9. My obsession with Kansas City BBQ may be concerning. FYI there is no better BBQ than KC BBQ, don’t try to tell me any different this is a fight you will never win. Arthur Bryant’s is the best, I could drink their sauce.
  10. Every time I am back home in Kansas City and drive over the Missouri River I look for floating dead bodies… Strange? Definitely. Morbid? Probably.
  11. I love scary movies even though they sometimes give me nightmares.
  12. White wine is part of my food pyramid.
  13. Die hard Kansas basketball fan and March Madness is like Christmas for me although the last few years have not ended so well. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!
  14. I can be slightly obsessive about things. The clothes in my closet are color coded and organized by style. Clutter and messiness give me anxiety. Wrinkled clothing makes me cringe. Crooked hanging pictures also make me cringe. I am constantly making lists about what needs to be done, or bought, or packed etc.
  15. I am not ashamed to admit that I still have a stuffed animal (dinosaur to be exact) that I sleep with at night.
  16. I love to read and generally am reading more than one book at a time.
  17. At night I slept under my comforter and never under the sheets. I don’t get sheets, I don’t like sheets.
  18. The food on my plate can’t touch each other. Yes, I am fully aware that it all eventually mixes together, but when I am eating it I prefer each food to have it’s own plate area. I should probably just invest in those plates with the different compartments like the ones you have in childhood.
  19. I am horrible at math, so bad in fact that I would rather get a root canal than try to solve a math problem. Why are there x’s in with numbers, where in the hell do they come from? While I’m at it who cares when some train left what ever station going how ever many miles. I mean how in the hell is that going to help me in life?
  20. I am extremely clumsy. I trip and fall a lot, usually have multiple bruises or cuts.
  21. The color yellow is not my thing. I do not own a single piece of yellow clothing.
  22. I don’t get jello. Seriously, what is it?
  23. Lists are how I get through my life. I make a list for everything.
  24. I refuse to eat peas and I honestly can’t tell you if it’s because I hate the taste or what. They look like boogers; enough said.
  25. Dry hands are completely unacceptable. I absolutely can’t handle it and have to have hand lotion all the time.
  26. I’m a slight hypochondriac.
  27. Active member of the Junior League Chicago.
  28. I love yoga and barre classes. Usually work out about 5 times a week, great stress reliever.
  29. I’ve always wanted to have my own bakery.
  30. I completed the Tough Mudder race in 2013 and I plan to do another one.
  31. Thunderstorms are great, I love the sound of them especially when falling asleep at night.
  32. I love art and have been fortunate enough to collect some great pieces. There is artwork hanging on every wall in my apartment (some of which was done by my sister) and I plan on collect lots more! Funny fact: in high school I actually failed art class, but seriously who grades someone’s artwork?
  33. I have never been through a haunted house. I have attempted a few times around Halloween, but I just can’t do it.
  34. I get seasick, but absolutely love being on the ocean.
  35. Bubble baths are one of my favorite ways to relax. A nice smelling candle, some soothing bubbles, and a good book. Ahhh
  36. Shoes are my weakness, I have many many pair of shoes and love them all. Sometimes at stores I have to completely avoid the shoe section because I know I will give in.
  37. My Favorite songs are “Tiny Dancer” and “Hotel California”
  38. I went to The University of Arizona for a year and while I was there I got stung by a scorpion.
  39. I do not listen to voice mail ever. I end up deleting them just so the little red flag on my iPhone screen goes away.
  40. Patience for stupidity is not something I have a lot of.
  41. I love the smell of vicks vapor rub.

2 thoughts on “Random Facts- The Girl Behind the Ugly

  1. I’ve just stumbled across your blog and LOVE it! You had me at the bit about eating peanut butter from a spoon! (I would also recommend a spoon half and half of Nutella and peanut butter – like a homemade Snickers!)
    I’m 39, so the other end of the 30s spectrum, but still your just-turned-30 post hit home. It’s all a big lie that in your 30s you should be mature and have it all (see my post on The 30s Myth at gluestickmum.wordpress.com for my own slant). So keep shaking your booty and spending more money on shoes than rent whilst you can.

  2. Thanks! I glad that someone else could relate, I added your blog and will definitely check out your posts. I love Nutella, I also eat “Dark Chocolate Dreams” flavored peanut butter which is made by Peanut Butter & Co. it is to die for. I actually had a spoonful (or two) this morning.


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